Ministry Team in Roubaix, France

During July, Alongside Ministries sent a small, international team alongside L’eglise Apostolique (The Apostolic Church is a small French denomination) in Roubaix, a city in Northern France on the Belgian border. Roubaix is a city of 110,000 people, at least 60% of whom are Muslims. The city suffers extreme unemployment (45%!) and has only six or eight evangelical churches with a few hundred believers in Jesus Christ.

The uniqueness of L’eglise Apostolique is that it reaches both traditionally French people and those from a North African, Muslim background with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Alongside’s multinational team included Americans, South Africans and a Britisher. We came alongside through ministries of worship, intercession for Roubaix, distributing literature and videos on the streets, visiting in homes, and encouraging young believers.

Evangelism in France is often a gradual, individual, and highly relational process. We were encouraged when a French couple attended worship – for the first time in their entire lives! At a barbeque lunch after worship, this gentleman, an atheist, said, “I believe in nothing, but during the worship service I felt SOMETHING!” He is now seeking God and church leaders are following up.

France needs Jesus. Please pray for France!

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