Donald & Hannah Norman on the Alongsider Gathering

Every two or so years, Alongsiders and their families gather together to pray with, learn from, and encourage each other. It is a time of sweet fellowship, reconnecting with friends from across the world and seeking the Lord’s direction for future ministry.

Last fall, we joined with eight Alongsiders and their families in the beautiful country of Estonia. During the week, we visited multiple churches, ventured  into an Estonian bog, fished from a trout pond for our dinner, climbed the medieval wall surrounding, the capital, Tallinn, and built new friendships over home-cooked meals and late night conversation.

The purpose of the trip for us, Donald and Hannah, was to serve the Alongside group by caring for the seven children while their moms and dads met and worshiped together. We came away from the week feeling more blessed than the blessing we intended to be.

Truly God blesses the time we share together in His name.

Donald is a Sales and Marketing Manager for the Utility Cost Management CompanyHannah, a Project Coordinator, manages grants for a non-profit called ”First 5” which equips parents to effectively care for their children, years 0-5. Donald and Hannah live in Fresno, California and are active at 1st Presbyterian Church.


“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” (Matthew 18:20)

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