Easter Update from Albania


Christ has risen. He has risen indeed!

Erseka has an Orthodox Christian minority, therefore we will celebrate Easter on the Orthodox date, which is on April 15th this year. Pray with us that Christ will be glorified in Albania during this time!

The Saturday before Easter, (April 14th), our church will be hosting a concert featuring a well-known Albanian singer, who is a Christian. We will also show a short film called The Bridge, which gives a great picture of God’s sacrificial love. Pray for us this week as we give out invitations and hope many will attend.

On Easter morning, our service will include the baptism of a number of people from our church.   Praise the Lord!


Last week, we ran a parenting conference. About 100 people came – from Erseka as well as from other cities around Albania. A Biblical perspective on parenting has not often been addressed in Albania, so this conference was a unique blessing to many. We recorded all the sessions in order that a larger group from our church and other churches can have the opportunity to watch the videos, too. Our keynote speaker, Kathy Crosby, came from Spokane, Washington, along with our good friend Margie Gilchrist (retired director of Alongside Ministries). They and their team were a great blessing to us all.


After months of research, we have started our new project with the elderly! We deliver meals five days a week to 18 homes, and a nurse will be visiting each person regularly as well. I (Mark), drove the team delivering the meals one day last week, and was moved to tears a couple of times at the privilege of witnessing our church meet the needs of the Erseka community. Because so many Albanians immigrate for work outside of the country, many aging parents are left with little care. Praise God we are able to help with this, and pray with us that this would open doors into their lives for Christ’s sake.

Men’s group

One of the exciting new developments in our church is a growing men’s group!  Last month we shared a men’s retreat.

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