Dundee Pres Goes Alongside Albania

Dundee Presbyterian Church in Omaha, Nebraska sent a team of six to Ersekë, Albania in June (Their seventh visit to Ersekë).

During our two-week mission, our primary focus was assisting in preparing the camp for summer campers and outreach in the community.  It included…

  • Pouring of new concrete next to the building used for campers.
  • Cleaning and making bed repairs in the boys’ dormitory.
  • Building a tree house at the House of Hope.
  • Installing new wood on the benches in the playground area of the church.

Additionally, we…

  • Were involved in home visits ministering Christ’s love for His children.  (The emotional connection made by team members was incredible).
  •  Led a daily devotional study of the Beatitudes with about 30 people attending nearly every day.
  • (Our men) attended the Men’s Bible Study.
  • Spoke to over 200 students about the dangers of drugs and alcohol with testimonies about how Christ turned the life of friends around. (Something you would not do in a USA public school).
  • We attended a wedding ceremony and a subsequent coffee gathering where two church members announced their engagement.
  • Were moved with the way Christ is working through our Alongsiders (Mark and Ruth Stoscher; Gail and Doni Lilo; Arjan and Moza Larashi) in this part of the world.

Servants for Christ,

The Dundee Presbyterian Church Team,

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