Newly Arrived in Estonia

A well deserved break from work in Rapla.

“I made it!!” Michael Benefield safely arrived in Tallinn, Estonia, on Tuesday, June 12, 2012! He wants to give you a brief update on the goings-on of late and to remind you of some of the ways that we (through him) will be serving alongside the church in Kunda, a small, Estonian coastal town:

The Update: The last month was truly an adventure — an adventure that demonstrated God’s faithfulness and care! Within 2-weeks’ time, I was diagnosed with a heart condition, treated, and released to do ministry! Within 3-weeks’ time, I arrived in a foreign land to join with others in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ! Pretty Cool!

So, what will ministry look like? This first week has been about getting over jet-lag and learning about Estonian culture. When I arrived, I was greeted at the airport by Matt Edminster, who, with his wife Lea, is a full-time missionary with Alongside Ministries here in Tallinn. Matt and Lea have been great hosts (and they have three of the cutest kids around)!

Next week, we will travel to Kunda and get settled in there, getting to know folks and making contacts with local stables (remember that I have a background in horses) through which we hope to do outreach. We will begin training folks in the church at Kunda in Bible study and teaching skills beginning the last week in June and continuing through August. I am also helping with an English camp for youth and children during the first week in July. In early August, the Kunda church will host a children’s camp (similar to our VBS) and I will assist with that as well. There are several other service and outreach opportunities, and I am really excited about a Young Men’s Prayer Night which I think will both challenge and encourage the young men in Kunda!

It is shaping up to be a summer full of opportunities to pour into the lives of folks here in Estonia. I thank God for His grace in giving me the privilege of serving here, and I thank you for providing the support necessary to make this happen!

Please pray for me when I come to your mind. Pray that:

  • God would make me useful to the church in Kunda and that I might bless and encourage them
  • God will be glorified by my ministry and behavior
  • The Lord will open the hearts of Estonians to the gospel and that the church in Kunda will grow and be strengthened
  • Jesus will protect my family while I am away and bless me with good health and fruitful ministry.

God bless you all!


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