Prayer Request- Haus Kinderland Retreat

Hey friends,

First of all, to all of you who support me through prayer, thank you. Secondly, here’s something to pray for!

This week I’ll be away at a retreat for Haus Kinderland, a Christian non-profit organization which works near the city-center in Chemnitz. For youth coming from families where the struggle is poverty or abuse related, Haus Kinderland works to show concrete expressions of Christ’s love by providing food, tutoring, emotional support, or any other kind of recognition and help a person needs.

Please pray that I and the other leaders will be able to provide a mutually enriching environment for these kids. Pray that we will be open and sensitive to their needs, that we will have the energy to show genuine concern and compassion when we feel fatigued, and that we will be able to clearly and responsibly share who Jesus is. Pray that the Holy Spirit will use the words and actions of the leaders to bring those present to a recognition of Gospel.

The trips theme is, “Nothing is Impossible.”  Just like by every summer retreat, there’s a short devotion and a longer message at different times each day. So on the day that I’ll be giving the main talk I’ll focus on John 1:14, “The Word became flesh and lived among us.” I get to tell these kids that in Jesus, this Word incarnate, God took his own judgmental “NO” against Man upon himself so that he could speak his unambiguous and ultimate “YES!” to Man, and so, to each one of them. That God could become a man, that he could somehow speak a “YES!” which would be stronger than his own “NO,” stronger than man’s sin, and stronger than death… is that even possible? Sounds silly, doesn’t it? But that’s the truth of the matter! And that’s why this news is Good News.

On the day after that I get to present the devotional on Romans 8:15, “For you haven’t received a spirit which gives you over once again to fear, but rather the spirit of Sonship, in which we cry, ‘Abba, loving Father!'” This is Paul’s answer to the question, “If I have the spirit of Christ, how do I stand before God?” Those who are, as Paul says, “in Christ,” have no reason to live in angst and uncertainty before God. On the basis of who Christ is, and not that of my actions, I’m recognized and loved by God. In this Spirit, God has done the great thing, the impossible thing… he’s taken us on as his children. Therefore we can cry out with confidence and trust, “Abba, loving Father!”

That’s what I get to tell these kids. I’m really excited for that.

So please pray that the Holy Spirit will open the eyes and ears of these kids to the Good News that God loves them and that he does not want to be without them, but rather with them.

Thank you for your support in prayer.

In Christ,



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