Doing Theology in a Nantes Context

This past summer I was able to audit a class called Doing Theology in a Global Context at Fuller Seminary.  Through the class, I learned what it means to do theology with someone as opposed to telling someone what to believe, how to engage in conversation and let God impact the heart.  I hope to have many dinners at my new place with new friends where we can grow together over conversation and a meal.

On an individual level I continue my study of the French language to better my ability to communicate as well as to renew my student visa which is my means for staying in the country.  I am on the first part of the highest level of the language study program and I feel very comfortable speaking in French now.  Another change is that I have moved out of my tiny little studio apartment. I was asked to move in with two French guys whom I had met through Agape. The new place is a little bigger and, split three ways, is less expensive.  It is much further away from school, but I can handle the commute for this new living situation.  I am looking forward to getting to know my roommates better. In our short time together so far, with French as the main language I can see that my language skills will be greatly improved

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