From Bilisht to Berea

In response to the invitation of the pastor of a Greek evangelical church in Berea (Veroia), Greece, the Evangelical Church of Bilisht sent its mission team and pastor, Arjan Larashi for the week of October 5th.

The mission focused on sharing the Gospel with Albanians who are emigrants to Berea, with Greeks in the city, as well as with ethnic Albanians from Thessaloniki and Katerini, Greece.  Pastor Arjan’s subject was “The Personal Relationship with God.”

The leadership team from Bilisht included Arjan, his wife, Mimoza, and two other members of the Bilishti church, Rujka, and Mira.

The team invites our prayers for the follow-up and impact of this ministry in Berea as well as for the growth of the church there.

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