A Call for Re-Reaching

Societies which formerly embraced the Gospel and contrib­uted to the rise of global Christianity are now working hard to forget it. Europe is experiencing the ongoing collapse of historic church institutions along with the challenges of new immigration and increasingly disparate world views. This raises new questions about what constitutes “reached” or “unreached” people groups. A recent social survey revealed that more than 60% of Czechs, more than 50% of the French, British and Belgians, and almost exactly 50% of the Dutch say they never attend a religious service. Despite a long and powerful Christian heritage, many Europeans have never heard the Good News about Jesus Christ.


The Czech Republic is an example of the opportunities and challenges faced by Christ-followers who strive to see the Kingdom of God expand in Europe today….


Continue reading about re-reaching Europe with Gospel, as well as News from our Alongsiders, in our latest Voices of Praise and Prayer.  Click HERE for the full newsletter in pdf format.

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