Did You Ever Think to Celebrate the Alphabet?

Albania adopted a written alphabet in order to translate and write down the Bible just 104 years ago.  Many have said that the Christian faith came to Albania only after the fall of Communism in 1991 and the subsequent arrival of democracy. However, Protestant Christianity originally came to Albania more than 140 years ago.


On November 17, on occasion of 104th anniversary of the adoption of the Albanian alphabet, we held a concert in Bitola (Monastir) Macedonia for the ethnic Albanian community there. More than 500 people came to celebrate the growing culture of Bitola. There were songs, poems, and folk dances. I spoke about the role that Albanian Protestants played in forming of the Albanian alphabet in order to share the Gospel in the Albanian language.


Saimir Braho, a well-known Albanian Christian singer, shared his testimony clearly and powerfully. Muslims in Macedonia are more traditional than Muslims in Albania, so the reaction of the people really was amazing. They applauded many times even at the name of Jesus. Your prayers brought this positive response. I felt the power of your prayers; I myself felt as if I was “flying” in the power of the Spirit. Thank you for your prayers and support.


At the event, 26 intellectuals shared the truth of our believing in Jesus. We offered an invitation to receive Jesus and shared 240 books describing the role of Protestants in Albania. Pray that the seed of the gospel will be sown and will grow in the hearts of people as they read this book.


With the intellectuals of the town, we hosted a discussion of this same book we had shared. Pray for them that the Lord will open their hearts to receive Jesus.


Respectfully in Christ,

Arjan Larashi

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