Alongside and Torchbearers – Albania

Multinational students of Torchbearers - Albania's class of 2013

Multinational students of Torchbearers – Albania’s class of 2013

George Gilchrist, a Presbyterian pastor and the Communications Liaison for Alongside Ministries, just returned home in March from a week of teaching  at Udhëkryq, the international Torchbearers Bible School in Ersekë, Albania.  His lessons on “A Survey of the Old Testament” were translated into both English and Albanian for the school’s internationally eclectic students from Albania, Canada, Germany, and the US.

Snow graced the valley of Ersekë and its surrounding mountains for several days.

Snow graced the valley of Ersekë and its surrounding mountains for several days.

Alongside Ministries has supported Torchbearers in Albania since its inception in 2001.  Alongsiders Mark & Ruthie Stoscher and Doni & Gail Lilo serve on its staff.  Various Alongside Ministries staff and friends have taught there over the years. To learn more about Torchbearers or to apply, click HERE.



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