Year-End Reflections on the Core Ministry – Pray, Give, Go

“One of my daily prayers is, ‘Lord, please send the workers!’ The spiritual climate has changed. People are now reachable in a way they were not 20 or 30 years ago.  People are now interested in spiritual questions.” – Alan McWilliam a Church of Scotland minister in Glasgow

Dear Friend,

In the most secularized cultures of the world people are again finding Jesus. This is a moment of opportunity and the under-resourced churches of Scotland and Europe are seeking partnership with Alongside Ministries International.  Will you help?

In October, accompanied by Ian Rutter, Alongside’s European Director I visited Scotland and met with potential ministry partners.  We asked two simple questions:

1.       What is God doing?
2.       How can we help?
Scotland was described as a truly a post-Christian nation, where 90% of the people have no connection to the gospel and many churches struggle to keep their doors open. The historic Church of Scotland is in danger of collapse due to a shortage of money, ministers and members.

But there is hope.  Scots have become far more open to the gospel as they search for meaning and purpose. Faith-filled leaders are planting new churches and generating renewal in established parishes. In the last five years a movement called “Try Praying” has introduced prayer to tens of thousands of people. Many experience God’s gracious love and power through answered prayer – sometimes receiving healing or other miracles – and then put faith in Christ. The Holy Spirit is at work!

More workers are needed! For most of our 30 year history Alongside Ministries has sent godly, effective individuals and couples to work alongside the Scottish Church, would you partner with us so that together, we may do so again in 2015 and beyond?  Specifically, would you pray, give and go?

1.       PRAY that God would use Alongside to raise up and send workers into His harvest across Scotland?  While you’re at it, please also pray for England and the rest of the United Kingdom – and all of Europe?  See Matthew 9:38 and Luke 10:2
2.       GIVE  a year-end financial gift to support the work of recruiting, training and sending new Alongsiders to Scotland and beyond?  Would you also consider making a regular monthly gift to Alongside Ministries International?
3.       GO to serve alongside God’s people in another culture?  Whether you desire to serve for two weeks, two years or many years we would love to talk and pray with you. Together, we can seek God and discern His leading.
As I send this I am praying fervently for new workers, but I also rejoice at the ways I see God using your partnership to strengthen the church and advance the gospel across Europe:

➢        In Estonia Matt Edminster serves as the pastor in Rapla and is effectively discipling youth.
➢        In France Matt and Katie Riley are leading French people in Discovery Bible Study.
➢        Also in France James Cloyd will preach the gospel in a nationally televised worship service.
➢        In Prague, Micah Lembke coaches athletes (American Football players!) and shares Christ with them.
➢        In Albania and Kosovo churches are being planted.  The good news is declared in the power of the Holy Spirit!
It is all made possible by your faithful partnership through praying, giving and going. Thank you! May the Lord bless you as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and throughout the new year.

Yours in Christ,

Dave Pierson

Executive Director

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