Alongside Discovery 2016



Do you want to travel to Europe from June 22 – August 1st, 2016? Study faith and culture? Serve alongside ministries in Talinn, Prague and Paris? Alongside Discovery 2016 (AD2016) is designed to integrate a Christ centered worldview with your travel, study and service. This will be a group of college students, and young adults living and traveling together in community as we discover what God is doing in Europe alongside local communities of faith.

We at Alongside Ministries believe that rigorous study—of the Bible and of other literature—and community living are indispensable in pursuing God’s call to minister cross-culturally. Through Alongside Discovery 2016, young adults from North America and Europe gather together to learn about following Christ in a cross-cultural environment.

Two weeks of practical mission in Talinn, Estonia will be followed by two weeks of study in Prague, Czech Republic and then two more weeks of practical mission in France. Projects will include evangelism, out reach to Muslim-background believers, and service projects. Conclude with debriefing in Paris, France, including sharing of experiences, Bible study in small groups, and celebration of Christ in worship.

For young adults over age 18, interested in serving Christ internationally. Learn from European pastors and North American expatriates who have dedicated their lives to Christ’s work in Europe.  Cost $3500 + airfare to and from Europe.

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