“Joy to the World”

 Dear Friends,

 Joy to the world! The Lord is come.” 

I want to thank you for  your support of Alongside Ministries and ask you to pray fervently for Europe whenever you hear or sing this song. A century of receding faith has made Europe a most challenging mission fields in the world today.

Jesus told us to make disciples, which is God’s way of bringing His joy to the world. Alongsiders across Europe are doing this invaluable work. Whenever someone comes to faith, is baptized and begins the journey of discipleship the church grows and the Kingdom of God advances. Alongsider

Matt Edminster recently told me this story from Estonia,

During the summer, a young man who had been attending our youth group came to me and matter-of-factly announced he wanted to be baptized. I asked how he had come to this clarity and he told me that a year ago his friend from school had invited him to youth group. At the time, she was freshly baptized and simply did what came naturally, extending to him the invitation to “come and see”. I was so encouraged that this testimony had come so naturally, as did this young man’s introduction to the faith through quiet observation, then participation and finally a conviction that he had found the right path.

We have celebrated this year as individuals have come to faith and were baptized, not only in Estonia, but also France, Kosovo and Albania. Still, much remains to be done!

Faced with great difficulties, Europeans are looking for answers. Your support will help bring joy to the world by helping the European church make disciples.

May I ask you to consider a year-end gift of $100$50 or $25? Would you also consider making a monthly gift in 2016?

Thank you again for your support, may God richly bless you this Christmas and in the new year!

David J Pierson,

Executive Director

P.S: 30 years ago Alongside Ministries began working side by side with European Christians for the sake of the Gospel in France and Scotland. Your gift will help expand partnerships across Europe.

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“The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel, which means “God with us.” – Matthew 1:23

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