Alongside Discovery 2016 – Frequently Asked Questions


What is AD2016? AD2016 is a six week long travel, study and service project taking place in Estonia, Czech Republic and France designed for college age students (one-year out of high school – 25 years old). The goal of AD2016 is develop an integrated Christian worldview in the lives of participants through studying the Gospel of Matthew, engaging with current events and global topics, and through practical service alongside the local European church. We also strive to cultivate authentic Christian community through the sharing of testimonies, breaking bread together, and having lots of fun together (we throw a few parties along the way)!

How do I apply for AD2016? click here or email

When is AD2016? June 20th – August 1st, 2016.

How much does AD2016 cost? $3500 + airfare to and from Europe.

Why don’t we include airfare to and from Europe? We want you to be able to shop for the best available airfare. Also, participants come from all over the United States, depending on location, flights are much cheaper. And, lastly, shopping on your own allows for the use of frequent flyer miles, credit card rewards, etc. which are not available with group travel contracts.  If you would like to travel with another AD2016 please ask, we can work to make that possible.

What does that $3500 pay for? Your tuition covers food (breakfast, lunch and dinner), lodging, transportation, activities and study materials. While we encourage participants to budget for personal spending money, it is possible to only participate in the prepaid program and have a full – and fulfilling summer.

How is fundraising done? We have a three pronged approach to participant fundraising. 1.) Each participant needs to contribute some of their own money. This is a negotiable amount based on personal situation (which will be kept confidential.) 2.) Each participant will write a support letter, including a response card and return envelope, to send to family, friends, and churches. 3.) Each participant will do at least one fundraising event, i.e., carwash, bake sale, art show, etc. Be creative!

Is the money due upfront?  Money is due in stages between February and June, 2016. The earlier you get started fundraising the more opportunities you’ll have to meet each goal.

What happens if you don’t meet your fundraising goal? We work with each participant on a case-by-case basis, but if you’re ultimately unable to reach your fundraising goal we will direct the money you’ve raised to mission work in the field.  – your supporters maintain their tax deductible donation.  

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