Larashi’s Letter from the Field

Dear Friends,

Worship service in Bilisht, Albania

Worship service in Bilisht, Albania

We thank you so much for your support in our ministry in Bilisht, Albania.

We had a nice Christmas season. We gave Samaritan Purse gifts for children in Bilishti and in some others villages.There were children in Bilishti who received Jesus and we started a new meeting with them on Saturdays.We have a set of 12 lessons, from Samaritan Purse. There is a good team of 25 children and they are coming regularly. Some of them come even to Sunday School.

  • Pray for this team of children to grow up in faith and mature in a relationship with Jesus.

Even in the Poncare village where we shared the Samaritan Purse’s gifts there are almost 50 children who are coming regularly to their meetings. They look forward to coming and hearing about Jesus.

  • Pray for them that they would understand stories of the Bible and know more Jesus in the relationship with him.

At the Christmas celebration meeting there were almost 300 people – 100 of them were standing!

  • Pray that those people who received Jesus in this celebration day come back in the church and know Jesus

The team of believers in Poncare village is growing in faith and in number too. There are 25-30 adults who attend meetings and 50 children.  We need, now, to change the meeting place and find a larger place because the room where we get together (in a house) is too small.

  • Pray that the Lord will give us wisdom how to lead this team. Pray that Jesus will provide for us a large room to continue our meetings.

Pray that members of the team to grow in faith and be transformed in their minds, knowing Jesus more. The team of believers in Koshnice village is stable in their meetings. Mira, Vaso and the team go there and take care of this small flock of 15 people. They know the Scriptures and have started to pray and look for the guidance of Jesus in their lives.

  • Pray for Mira, Vaso and their team to fill with power and wisdom how to teach believers in Koshnica and how to develop this ministry.

Right now we have 11 cell, or small, groups. Skender is leading the newest cell group of the boys and men who came back from Greece. They are very interested to get together and hear about the Bible.

  • Pray for the leaders of these teams to mature and  to be filled with the Holy Spirit to guide their teams. Pray that Jesus will prepare other leaders to lead new cell groups.

We see that in our Sunday meeting there are Roma people who are taking part regularly. They are another ethnic group in Albania with different language, culture and traditions but forgotten by the government and people. We would like to do a social work with them; to give a meal for their children once a week.  We see that the Holy Spirit is working among them!

Home group meeting

Home group meeting

  • Pray about this idea to get into practice and pray that Jesus will provide the finances for this project.

Vasil, who was an elder in our church, end his ministry as elder in our church. He served for 14 years as an elder. The church is integrated and I think it is the time when our church needs to have new elders in a new qualified level.

  • Pray that Jesus will give us wisdom how to choose new elders and that Jesus will find the right, qualified, people.

Mimoza and I are serving in FICM (Freedom in Christ Ministries) in Albania. We like to see Albanian Christians free from the lies of Satan and that they might know their identity in Christ. We do a discipleship course in the churches of Albania. During March we will go to the southwest of Albania to a church in the north of Albania.

  • Pray that Jesus will bless us in this Ministry. Pray we have safe trips and that churches where we will go to be open of the Holy Spirit’s work and free in Jesus from the lies.


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