God is at Work in Europe

Dear Friend,

God is at work in Europe.

2017 will mark the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation which unleashed a fresh wave of the transforming power of the gospel across Europe and the world. Yet Europe today is described as post- Christian and secular, a complex mission field of global importance. Alongside Ministries International is called to minister in partnership with European churches and ministries in order to strengthen the church and advance the gospel. In the midst of significant challenges, God has been blessing Alongside with a season of growth and creativity.

➢ In France, the French Reformed Church has invited Alongsiders Matt and Katie Riley to partnership in the work of evangelism, church planting, and equipping others. Matt has begun playing soccer with immigrants. He speaks English and French. They prefer Arabic, yet keep inviting him back. Please pray that soccer will lead to friendships which will lead to Discovery Bible Study which will lead these men to become followers of Jesus Christ. Front line evangelism and discipleship is happening.

➢ In Kosovo, Alongsiders Hasan and Jacquelyn Bytyqi have been doing evangelism and planting a church. In the midst of challenging circumstances it has become apparent that Hasan is gifted at mentoring and developing others in ministry. Please pray for Hasan’s further growth and equipping through theological education. Workers for the harvest are being raised up.

➢ Alongsiders Amy and Andrew Funka are becoming more deeply engaged in the Czech language, church, and culture. Amy resources students from around the world at the Christian International School of Prague, while Andrew is part of the team at the Czech Evangelical Alliance supporting the work of church planting, theological education, and mission agencies. The church is being equipped.

➢ In Southern France, Alongsider Maimona Shafir has been invited to join the team leading a multicultural community which practices hospitality and offers help and the gospel to North African immigrants. Hospitality is extended, in Jesus’ name.

Alongside’s posture of partnership isn’t flashy, but it’s an enormously fruitful approach, well-worth the long-term investments in relationship and prayer. To that end, would you prayerfully consider a year-end gift, in an amount which is significant to you, to advance Alongside Ministry across Europe? And would you also consider making a monthly pledge in 2017?

Recently a friend commented how impressed he is by the high caliber of people God continues to call to serve through Alongside Ministries. I am grateful to be part of such a community, and for your prayer and financial support. Thank you!

Our staff team enjoys hearing from you with any questions, concerns or prayer requests you may have. May God fill you with hope during this Advent season and the year ahead.

Yours In Christ,

David Pierson

Executive Director

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