News from France!

Alongsiders Matt and Katie Riley serve in Pontivy, France at the invitation of the United Protestant Church of France where they are investing in their community for the sake of the Gospel.  Discovery Groups, English classes, Art Expositions and the like create opportunities to build relationships that open doors for deeper conversations. Their goal: making disciples who make disciples and churches which plant churches.

The invitation to Alongside Ministries to send the Rileys came about because a group of leaders in the French church began praying and wrestling with the tremendous challenges to Christian faith and mission today. In a rapidly changing and highly secularized culture such as France, how can we best communicate the good news of Jesus Christ and make disciples?  

Recently, a national website featured the Riley’s ministry in Pontivy, describing their highly relational approach to evangelism. Imagine – French atheists gathering for Bible Study and coming to faith in Jesus Christ, the wind of the Holy Spirit is blowing across France!

You can read more (in French) on the website of the Eglise Protestante Unie (United Protestant Church of France) by clicking this link:

Thank you for praying for France!


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