Opportunities to Serve

The process of placing an Alongsider into a ministry position is one of discerning and matching the needs and opportunities of a church with the gifts and calling of the Alongsider candidate.  Often during the application and selection process, new interests and opportunities arise.  Samples of the opportunities we are currently offering are listed below. 

If you are interested in applying to Alongside Ministries, send an email to recruiting@alongside.orgPlease be sure to include your name, phone number and your area of interest.



Bilisht, Albania – English Teacher/Youth Minister

Working directly with the local Evangelical Church, the Alongsider will use English language instruction as an outreach tool to draw villagers and youth into the church.  By providing classes and tutoring to children, youth, and adults, the teacher will serve the needs of the congregation and the local community, drawing them into faith in Christ and active participation in the life of the church.

Ersekë, Albania – Torchbearers Bible School

This 22-week program aims to strengthen and encourage your Christian walk through a serious study of Scriptures and the challenge of living practically in an international community of students. For further information, visit: www.torchbearers-albania.org.


Normally opportunities to serve in Estonia develop out of internship positions.  Details on internships are in flux, but forthcoming, and will be updated soon.  In the meantime, if your heart is for Estonia, please email us and we will provide more information.


Various Locations – Parish Assistants

The United Protestant Church of France, in partnership with Alongside Ministries International, is looking for a Parish Assistant.  This is an excellent opportunity to engage in cross-cultural ministry with an historic French Reformed congregation and assist their pastor in direct church and community ministry.  A basic knowledge of French is required.  Opportunities for further language study will be made available.

Clermont-Ferrand – Parish Assistant

The United Protestant church of Clermont-Ferrand (central France) is looking for a Parish Assistant to help with youth, young adults and various forms of outreach (e.g. the Alpha course, home groups).  This is a French reformed congregation which has a desire to grow and reach out to others.  A basic knowledge of French is necessary but opportunities for further language are available at a nearby university.


Various locations – Parish Assistant

Opportunities are just coming to light to work alongside the Evangelische Landeskirche in Deutschland, the historic Lutheran and Reformed churches in various cities in Germany.  Positions can be developed based on the unique gifts and interests of the Alongsider. 


Whiteinch (Glasgow), Scotland – Administration and/or Discipleship

Whiteinch Church of Scotland is a ‘new charge’ or church plant within the Church of Scotland framework. It is situated in the heart of Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city.  The founder and lead pastor has a heart for planting new churches.  In particular, he is looking for the help of experienced administrators, adult educators or PR/marketing/fundraisers to help facilitate their vision to create a training base to enable and empower people to create new and fresh expressions of church.

Woodside parish, Aberdeen – Parish Assistant

Woodside parish in Aberdeen is looking for a person, couple or family who is willing to serve Christ alongside the Pastor. They must be missionary-minded and enthusiastic about reaching out to the community which is mainly unchurched. This Church of Scotland congregation is located in poor regeneration area in the East of Aberdeen. The all-age congregation is fairly small with an attendance of around 60 on Sundays. The attached brochure describes the church and its ministries.

The Woodside church has developed a privileged relationship with the local primary school and the secondary school nearby.  They would also like to reach out to the broader community by offering an introductory course to Christianity (eg. Alpha, the ‘Y’ course).  In short, there are many ways an Alongsider could get involved – this is an outstanding opportunity to work alongside the Church of Scotland in a multi-faceted ministry.


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