What is the SHAPE of an Alongsider?

Alongside Ministries International is looking for individuals and couples who share our vision to advance the Gospel through serving in cross-cultural partnerships with European churches.  This page talks about the kind of people for whom we are looking.

If you are interested in applying to Alongside Ministries, send an email to recruiting@alongside.orgPlease be sure to include your name, phone number and your area of interest.  To see samples of the opportunities we are currently offering, click HERE.

We are looking for people with the following SHAPE and characteristics…

Spirit: First and foremost, Alongsiders must have a commitment to Jesus Christ and live a life that demonstrates dedication and obedience to him.

Heart: We need people who are passionate about advancing the Gospel and have a particular interest in Europe. Successful Alongsiders are able to be sensitive and open to the cultural differences they encounter and appreciate the adventure of serving in a European nation.

Abilities: Alongsiders need to be able to take the ‘long view.’ They must understand that they are guests who have been invited, not authorities being consulted.  Alongsiders will be matched with churches based on qualifications and experience for areas in which help is being requested. Alongsiders must therefore be able to encourage and equip the churches they serve based on the needs and goals of that church.

Personality: It is important for Alongsiders to be self-motivated and able to take initiative, while at the same time be able to step back and encourage those they serve to engage and lead. We need people who can persevere through difficulties and discouragement and help others to do so as well.

Experience: For internship opportunities, Alongsiders should be able to demonstrate effective involvement in ministry through their local church body. For long-term service, Alongsiders should have significant ministry involvement in their home culture, with affirmations of their gifts and abilities from their local church body.

The process of placing an Alongsider into a ministry position is one of discerning and matching the needs and opportunities of a church with the gifts and calling of the Alongsider candidate.  Often during the application and selection process, new interests and opportunities arise.  To see samples of the opportunities we are currently offering, click HERE.

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