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Olivia & Catherine with Bilishti Church leader Petrika - and a donkey 'along for the ride.'

AD 2014 Team in Albania

Europe is a big place. It’s nearly 3,000 kilometers from Estonia to Albania. 33 hours in a car, according to Google. Through a series of travel complications our team spent an unexpected night in Vienna, Austria and was ultimately rerouted through Greece on our way to Albania. You drive through 17 tunnels from Thessaloniki, Greece […]

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AD team in Geneva

AD 2014 Team in Geneva

We all have hard parts in our stories. All of us. As we left Estonia, and headed for Geneva we were transitioning from strangers to a team, into a family. At the heart of that transformation was the Spirit of God, who miraculously cultivated a bond of trust between us. That bond, cemented in travel, […]

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Estonia National Song Festival

AD 2014 Team in Estonia

I think the first time I realized God was doing something special, something unique, in our team was during the National Song Festival in Estonia. We’d spent the week prior learning about Estonia’s remarkable history as a conquered people. We spent a lot of time digging into the Soviet Era. In the early 90’s Estonia […]

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