A Short History of Albania

In 1991, Communism in Albania collapsed. For 40 years the Albanian dictator’s goal had been to make the country a purely atheistic state with every sign of religion eliminated. His troops had even entered cemeteries and sand-blasted Biblical names like – David, Joseph, Mary – off of tombstones.

After a generation as the most isolated and closed country in the world, Albania suddenly found its borders open to foreign visitors. Followers of Jesus with a heart for sharing the Gospel with Albanians were among the first to enter the newly opened country. They proclaimed the Good News of Jesus on street corners and through home-to-home distribution of newly published Albanian Bibles. Today, there are vital and growing churches across the country.

Alongside Ministries International has been present in Albania since 1992, supporting the work of missionaries and the Albanian believers in Korçë, Bilisht, and Ersëka, in the southeastern part of the country.

Alongsiders Serving in Albania

Andrea Harmer Arjan & Mimoza Larashi Doni & Gail Lilo Mark & Ruthie Stoscher

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