From Bilisht to Berea

11:02 pm in Albania, General
by Arjan & Mimoza Larashi

In response to the invitation of the pastor of a Greek evangelical church in Berea (Veroia), Greece, the Evangelical Church of Bilisht sent its mission team and pastor, Arjan Larashi for the week of October 5th. The mission focused on sharing the Gospel with Albanians who are emigrants to Berea, with Greeks in the city, […]

Dundee Pres Goes Alongside Albania

11:51 pm in Albania, General
by Ginnie Daniel

Dundee Presbyterian Church in Omaha, Nebraska sent a team of six to Ersekë, Albania in June (Their seventh visit to Ersekë). During our two-week mission, our primary focus was assisting in preparing the camp for summer campers and outreach in the community.  It included…

The Bilishti Church shares the Good News

5:23 pm in Albania, General
by Ginnie Daniel

Every Saturday, the evangelism team of the Evangelical Church of Bilisht shares the Gospel in villages around Bilisht such as Grace, Bracanj, Vishoçice, Kapshtice, Tren, Hocisht and Stropan. Alongside Ministries supports the Church in Belisht through Pastor Arjan and Mimoza Larashi.

Easter Update from Albania

10:07 pm in Albania, General
by Mark & Ruthie Stoscher

Christ has risen. He has risen indeed! Erseka has an Orthodox Christian minority, therefore we will celebrate Easter on the Orthodox date, which is on April 15th this year. Pray with us that Christ will be glorified in Albania during this time! The Saturday before Easter, (April 14th), our church will be hosting a concert […]

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