An up-date on the ministry of the Evangelical Church in Bilishti, Albania

5:09 pm in Albania by Arjan & Mimoza Larashi

An up-date on the ministry of the Evangelical Church in Bilishti, Albania

June 2016

Dear friends of Alongside Ministry,

Bicka's teamIn addition to Christian Education, worship and outreach, our church in Bilishti, near the Greek border in southeastern Albania, is nurturing House Churches in four nearby Albanian villages. They are…

  1. Bicka…We shared the Gospel and started Bible studies among interested people in the home of Victory. She had kidney problems and asked for prayer. As a result, complete healing has occurred for her.
  2. Poncare…We have a new meeting room where we worship twice a month. When we celebrated Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday, there were 60 adults and 50 children in attendance!
  3. Koshniça…There are two small group Bible studies – one for women and one for men. Mira (her husband is Vaso) and Klejdi from the Bilishti church are respective leaders of the women’s and men’s groups.
  4. Stropan…where a woman received Jesus, and opened her home for small group Bible studies. Vasil and Rujka, from the Bilishti church, are acting on God’s call for spiritual direction for these new believers.

Easter celebrationDuring this Easter season, our church gave a total of 30 food parcels for people in need in the villages of Stropan and Koshnica. We praise the Lord Christ in using the Jesus believers in Bilishti to bring the Good News to these four locations.

Also, I, shared the Gospel during Passover on Albania’s “News 24” channel where I invited folks to receive Jesus. I understand that some responded.

Finally, in southwestern Albania, I taught the Freedom in Christ discipleship course which helps churches disengage from satanic deception, remain in holiness and do ministry in their respective communities.

We praise God that He is using us to proclaim the amazing Good News of Christ to this part of Albania.  Thank you for your prayers and support.

In His service, Arjan