Voices Podcast Episode #1 – David Pierson

11:46 pm in Albania, France, United States, Voices
by Donald Norman

Why We Do What We Do

8:27 pm in Czech Republic, France, General, Uncategorized, United States
by Ginnie Daniel

In a recent article in Le Monde, a leading French newspaper, the headline declared ‘The vast majority of French people claim no religion’.  And the subtitle was:  The religious question is at the heart of the debate since January.  However, France is the country with one of the greatest number of atheists in the world.’  […]

Who Pastors the Pastors? Who Encourages the Encouragers?

9:11 pm in Albania, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, General, Kosovo, Uncategorized, United States, Voices
by Ginnie Daniel

Alongsiders serve in a diverse array of contexts and capacities.  Some serve as pastors of European churches.  Some are evangelists. Some support and encourage European pastors.  Every one of them is passionate about serving the Lord; every one has a heart for the people in their culture of ministry who do not yet know Jesus.  […]

Aberdeen Church seeks Parish Assistant

9:02 pm in General, Scotland, Uncategorized, United States, Voices
by Ginnie Daniel

A congregation in Aberdeen, Scotland, seeks a Parish Assistant to help them facilitate their outreach to be “Jesus’ church in, for and with their local community.”  To see the type or SHAPE of a person who makes a good Alongsider, click HERE.  To view more informationon this position, visit our Opportunities page HERE.

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