A Brief History of the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has a dramatic history, having peacefully won freedom from communism through the Velvet Revolution in 1989 and separation from Slovakia in 1993 to form the separate countries of Slovakia and The Czech Republic. The Czech Republic, particularly its capital city Prague, is a crossroads of culture and trade in Europe. It has improved its material prosperity since the fall of communism, but in all too many cases this has been at great moral and spiritual expense. Czechs today are among the most secular people in the world. Despite their Christian heritage (Protestant and Roman Catholic), most Czechs have never attended a religious service and the largest “religion” in the country is “non-religious.”

Alongside Ministries partnered with short term missions in the Czech Republic in the 1990′s. Currently, Alongsiders Andrew and Amy Funka are serving alongside Prague Christian Fellowship, the international congregation of Křesťanské společenství. Křesťanské společenství means “Christian Fellowship” in English. KS communities are independent Christian congregations and missionary groups united in covenant together, emphasizing that Christianity is not a religious system – it is a relationship with God made possible by Jesus Christ.

Alongsider Micah Lembke is serving in a sports ministry with an American-sytle football club.  He has also connected with a relatively new Czech church, TaCuesta, whose name means The Way or The Journey.

Alongsiders Serving in the Czech Republic

Andrew & Amy Funka Micah Lembke

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