A Brief History of France

Historically, France has been called the oldest daughter of the Catholic church, but only about 8% of the population attend mass today. 2.5% of the population is Protestant, but the number of vibrant evangelical believers is much smaller. Proud of her secularism, France boasts the highest percentage of atheism in the west (25%) and a growing Islamic minority (3%). Even so, there are significant renewal movements in Catholic and Protestant churches alike, and ministries where Muslims are coming to faith in Christ.

The St. Nicolas community in Strasbourg, which worships in the historic St. Nicolas church at the heart of the city, is a key center of renewal, evangelistic outreach, leadership training and creative ministry innovation. Alongsiders James & Cheryl Cloyd, at the invitation of the community’s council, provide key support to Pastor Kurt Maeder.

Beginning in 2002, Alongside Ministries began to partner with North African Christian believers who are engaged in evangelism in the Muslim-dominant cities of Lille and Roubaix, in northern France. Multi-national teams of French, American, North African believers are finding success in reaching Muslim-background children, youth, men and women who are remarkably open to the Gospel.

Alongsiders serving in France

James & Cheryl Cloyd Matt & Katie Riley Ian & Teri Rutter

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