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  • Rapla, Estonia

Sõbralt Sõbrale, Rapla

In a nutshell:

This is a unique opportunity to combine business, social entrepreneurship, and Christian discipleship to create a sustainable, connectional and missional youth ministry model for a small town environment.


Matt & Lea Edminster have been serving with Alongside Ministries in Estonia since 1998. Matt pastors an Evangelical church in Rapla, Estonia. The church has entertained cross-cultural interns and short-term teams every year for the last 6 years.


In March 2018 we opened a consignment store in Rapla together with the company Sõbral Sõbrale (Friend to Friend). Sõbralt Sõbrale now has 17 stores around Estonia and uses revenues from their sales to promote a number of good will campaigns for children, the disabled and needy throughout Estonia. When the opportunity to open the store came up in discussion in 2017, it was clearly an answer to a longstanding prayer for new ways to minister to the Rapla area.

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The store in Rapla has been designed from the start with the idea that, in addition to demonstrating the love of Christ in a business environment, it could also become a space for welcoming, befriending, connecting, encouraging and discipling our customers. The showroom sits behind 18 meters of floor to ceiling picture windows overlooking one of the central squares in Rapla. Our vision is to equip an adjoining kiosk included in our rent as a coffee shop and juice bar. The coffee shop will use a selection of the furniture for sale in the shop for limited seating. After store hours, the shop can be converted into a cosy cafe with an open-mic stage for evening soirees and outreach.

Chief among our target audience are young teens and youth of the area, who come to study in Rapla from all around the region. The Rapla Church has a long history of reaching out to area youth and we hope that through the combination of volunteer opportunities in the store and outreach through the coffee shop, we can create a sustainable youth outreach for years to come. Our store is located right next to a new high school that is being built for the region’s youth and will open in September of 2018. If all goes well, we hope to open the first iteration of the integrated coffee shop by the first day of school.

The long-term success of this outreach model will depend upon a dedicated team. That team begins with the staff of the consignment shop: four members of the Rapla Church who together form the backbone of the store. That skeleton is fleshed out with a dynamic and diverse population of volunteers that are continually being recruited, trained and encouraged from the Rapla community, our church and local schools. We are recruiting the following specialized positions in order to provide companionship, support and advice for that team.

Job Descriptions

Coffee Shop Manager – This position will last for a minimum of 9 months, but may be extended by agreement. The point of this position is to establish and develop a sustainable business model for the coffee shop so that it can be used indefinitely as a platform for a wide-variety of ministries.

The tasks of this position

  • Establish the coffee shop as a successful small business
  • Develop a sustainable staff recruiting and training model
  • Lay out the path for making our shop the best of its kind in Rapla


  • Education or experience in small business management
    Ideal: experience in management of a coffee shop or juice bar
  • Demonstrable work ethic, business integrity, persistence
  • Team orientation, “plays well with others”

Events & Volunteer Coordinator – This position is focussed on using the combined platform of the two shops (coffee and consignment) to connect clients and volunteers with the existing network of social and faith-based service opportunities in Rapla County. The coordinator will work together with shopkeepers, managers and volunteers to maximize ministry potential.

The tasks of this position

  • Develop methods for enlisting and encouraging volunteer help
  • Organize, manage and disciple the volunteers
  • Develop links between the shops and the community
  • Facilitate the development of events based out of the shops
  • Instill a sustainable volunteer/networking culture


  • Background (education or experience) in social entrepeneurship
  • Experience working with teams of volunteers
  • Persistence, optimism, initiative, and creativity

Note: Openness to studying the Estonian language is encouraged but not required. The target audience for these opportunities will have a working knowledge of English. But studying and using the local language – even in a limited way – will always be a force multiplier for relational ministry.

To apply for this job email your details to

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