Our Alongsiders

James & Cheryl Cloyd


Serving in Strasbourg, France

In August of 2016 we moved to a new parish, one which is quite different from our previous home and ministry situation in Waldersbach, where we lived from 2008 to 2016. We are now in a low-income neighborhood, where the church was built at the same time as the large apartment buildings, in the early 1960s. Today, the neighborhood boasts some 50 different nationalities among residents.

Cheryl sometimes ponders the ways of God and His world and blogs about it HERE.

Matt & Lea Edminster

Edminsters 2013

Serving in Rapla, Estonia

Matt & Lea Edminster met during Matt’s first term in Estonia serving as a youth minister. Matt currently serves as Pastor of the Rapla Church is pursuing part-time PhD studies at the Amsterdam Free University. In addition to teaching English at a local elementary school, Lea continues to volunteer locally and at the denominational level in music and children’s ministry.  The Edminster family profile and blog can be found HERE

Andrew & Amy Funka


Serving in Prague, Czech Republic

Andrew and Amy have been serving in the Czech Republic since 2013. Andrew currently serves alongside the Czech Evangelical Alliance, assisting their national leadership as their network of strategic partnerships grows (www.ea.cz).  Amy serves alongside the Christian International School of Prague, helping them develop their supplemental education services (www.cisprague.org).  They are kept busy learning the Czech language and getting out of their comfort zone as they engage more and more with the Czech-speaking world around them.  You can find Andrew & Amy on Facebook HERE.

Arjan & Mimoza Larashi

7.15.14 Larashi

Serving in Bilisht, Albania

As pastor of the Bilisht church, Arjan works to equip church leadership for children’s and youth ministry, small group Bible studies and youth and family groupings. Mimoza,  Arjan’s wife, leads teams working in children’s and youth ministry. Under Arjan’s leadership, the church is active in evangelism in its community, in neighboring villages, and across the border in Macedonia and Greece. The Larashis also parent two daughters.

Micah Lembke


Serving in Prague, Czech Republic

Micah lives in Prague, Czech Republic, and energetically serves in ministry with an American-style football club, the Prague Lions. He is passionate about living and being amongst people to share his relationship with Jesus and see how God changes lives.  Committed to the local church, Micah is also active in TaCesta, a newer Czech church whose name means “The Way” or “The Journey.” Sometimes Micah reflects and  blogs HERE.

Elidion & Gail Lilo

Lilo pic Summer 2015

Serving in Ersekë, Albania

Doni and Gail minister with the Ersekë Evangelical Church. Doni is primarily involved in adult discipleship and the Global Leadership Summit in Albania and Kosovo.Gail serves in worship and prayer ministry, lactation consulting, and young women’s discipleship. Both also serve on staff of Udhëkryq (“Crossroads”) Torchbearers’ Center in translation, Bible school, summer camps, and conference ministries. Their four children, also help to share Jesus’ love with neighbors and friends.

Matt & Katie Riley

Serving in Lorraine, France

The Rileys serve alongside the l’Eglise protestante unie de France.  After working 3 years as a part of a church revitalization project in Lunéville, they have been asked to lead a regional church-planting project in the Brittany region of France. The project is based in Pontivy, and is focused on planting churches, training leaders and equipping these leaders to carry on the work of church planting and disciple making.  This new initiative is committed to seeing the kingdom grow by reaching out to the estimated 92% of the French population who do not follow Jesus and raising up leaders for the harvest from that harvest! Check out their website, HERE

Mike & Katharina Robb

Serving in Munich, Germany

Alongsider bio coming soon!

Maimona Shafir

Maimona Shafir

Serving in France

Maimona was born and raised in a missionary family in France working among the Muslim community. Her mother is American and her father was Moroccan, so she has been shaped by three cultures, French, North African and American. The family moved to the States in 2005 and she attended High School and College where she double majored in Bible/Theology and Psychology at Multnomah University. Maimona is now serving in France, working in a community which offers hospitality, practical help, and culturally relevant evangelism and discipleship to the large North African population. She is already anchoring administrative leadership and also helping with ministry to women and children.

Mark & Ruthie Stoscher


Serving in Ersekë, Albania

Mark and Ruthie serve the Lord alongside Ersekë, Albania,  a small town in the southeast of Albania. They serve at Udhëkryq (“Crossroads”), Torchbearers Bible School and its summer Christian camps. They are also on the leadership team of the local Evangelical church in Ersekë.

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