Easter Update from Albania

Christ has risen. He has risen indeed! Erseka has an Orthodox Christian minority, therefore we will celebrate Easter on the Orthodox date, which is on April 15th this year. Pray with us that Christ will be glorified in Albania during this time! The Saturday before Easter, (April 14th), our church will be hosting a concert […]

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Ministry Team in Albania, Greece & Macedonia

A team of 13 Americans from churches in Alaska, California, South Carolina and Florida with Albanian Alongsiders, Gail and Doni Lilo, ministered under the direction of Albanian believers in Albania, Greece and Macedonia during the last half of July. In Bilishti, Albania, the team partnered with Albanian teen and adult leadership to conduct Marriage Enrichment, […]

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Ministry Team in Roubaix, France

During July, Alongside Ministries sent a small, international team alongside L’eglise Apostolique (The Apostolic Church is a small French denomination) in Roubaix, a city in Northern France on the Belgian border. Roubaix is a city of 110,000 people, at least 60% of whom are Muslims. The city suffers extreme unemployment (45%!) and has only six […]

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